10 Ways to Avoid YouTube Demonetization

What does Youtube Demonetization mean?

If Youtube demonetizes a video, it means it restricts ads on appear on the video. This also means now they wont be able to provide any revenue from the video. Turning off ad is just one form of demonetization, Youtube has also the power to suspend all your accounts and disable them from earning.

To avoid YouTube demonetization on your account, you should ensure that whatever content you are posting should adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Advertiser-friendly Content Guidelines. This includes avoiding offensive or controversial content, as well as not including copyrighted material in your videos without permission.

Additionally, it is important to regularly review and update your video titles, tags, and descriptions to ensure they accurately reflect the content of your videos. This will keep your content fresh. You should also be responsive to any issues or complaints that are raised about your videos and work to resolve them quickly. There may be a chance that youtube can lift your restriction as longer as your content is not breaching its guidelines.

How to Check a Video’s Monetization Status:


  1. Log into YouTube and click your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select YouTube Studio from the menu. This would be your 4-5 option from Dropdown list.
  3. Click Content in the left navigation menu.
  4. Find the video on which you want to check the status
  5. Next to your video, look for the monetization column.


10 Ways to Avoid YouTube Demonetization


  1. Don’t Spam – If you are on YouTube to run a scam or promote content that is against YouTube policies, it may demonetize your channel/ For this, don’t –
  • Don’t post repeatedly content
  • Lead viewers to harmful content or website
  • Misleading thumbnails or titles to fool viewers
  • Post repetitive comments
  • Buy fake followers or likes


  1. Don’t use Copyright Music – Music copyright is a deep subject on YouTube, it can penalize you if you are using copyrighted music. For the purpose of monetizing videos, you only need to know two things:


  • Never use music without their written permission or consent
  • Sometimes you need permission from all parties: songwriters, artists who created the melodies, record labels, etc and you also need to mention them in your content.


     3. Don’t use Copyright Content – The content which is made by someone else. Don’t copy any of the content from any user or website without their permission.

    4. Don’t post Content showing Illegal Activities – Don’t make content that shows harassment, abuse, violence, Police brutality, explosion, bombs etc.

    5. Keep your content safe for younger Audiences – Don’t show any content in your videos which can put a negative impact on younger audiences thinking. Examples: Don’t make Misleading family content that shows violence and sexual themes. Cyberbullying, Child Abuse, and Harassment of minors, all come when we talk about young audience safety.

    6.  Don’t do or stay away from Controversial issues – Don’t use controversial topics in your videos. YouTube defines controversy as “topics that may be unsettling” and “the result of human tragedy.” Examples: Topics like Self Harm, Suicide, Abuding Anyone or Child abuse these all come under controversial topics.

     7. Avoid Sensitive Topics Something which has happened recently or caused widespread suffering comes under the sensitive topic. Don’t use such content in your videos. This may ignite it more and harm it. Content focusing on death and despair isn’t pleasant to watch for users or the community. YouTube has no incentive to monetize such content, it may disable your channel as well.



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