20 things that exists only in JAPAN

Who doesn’t have heard about Japan and its culture? What is Japan popular for? There are many things from places like mount fuji to their eating habits that make this east Asia country popular.
Japan is also known as the land of the rising sun or the country of singing toilets. It has gained so much popularity with its tech products that no one could easily believe but yes, these actually exist. In this article, we will take you through 20 such amazing things which exist only and only in Japan and that will make you amazed :

1. Blue traffic lights – Yes, Japan is having blue traffic lights and it all happened because of ONE WORD for TWO COLOURS. Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese language included only 4 basic colors: black, white, red, and blue. For anything which is green in color, to describe it, people used the word BLUE.
2. Square Watermelons – These were designed to fit properly in refrigerators. They were invented back in 70’s by graphic designers and then farmers used a special technique to grow them in these special shapes. These are very expensive so people are using these mostly for decorating their homes rather than eating. Isn’t it very strange
3. Ramen Noodle Bath –This is a popular bath in Yunessun Spa Resort, Japan. This procedure is considered to have a lot of health benefits as it contains collagen from pork broth. It helps in increasing metabolism, keeps the skin and hair healthy, and has lots more benefits. This bath consists of fake noodles and pork broth.
4. Bizzare flavors of Kitkat – Ever wondered kitkat chocolate flavors to be like Chili pepper, wasabi, sweet potato, grilled corn, soybean, salt watermelon, mango, and green tea. These are just a few which we have listed but there are lots of such flavors…….Phew!! I can’t even imagine such. What do you think? Which one would you like to eat?
5. Fake Food decorations outside restaurants – In Japan, most of restaurants put fake foods in display to attract customers. These look very real and mouth-watering. These are expensive when compared to original and real food. Nice Marketing, Do you agree?
6. Island of Rabbits: Back in 40’s, scientists bought rabbits for some tests and later they freed up. These rabbits got fertile and started to multiply now the whole of Okunoshima island is full of rabbits and is popular by name of RABBIT ISLAND.
7. Purikura Machines – Photo booths have now quite popular in many countries where you can get instant photos but in Japan, there are Purikura machines. The specialty of this machine is not only to click photos but it also allows you to edit, and add a background, and stickers as well. These photos then can be transferred to your cell phones as well.
8. Pushers – Train Stations are subways that become very busy during peak hours. In order to avoid jams, there is station staff who pushes people into the train to fit as many as possible.
9. Vending Machines – Japan only have more than 5 million of the vending machine. This helps the people who work during late hours which is quite popular there. This machine just does have tea or coffee but everything from eating like lobster to wear like underwear.
10. Train Delays – Japanese loves and is also very strict about time. Punctuality is the big thing there.
11. Polite slurping – Slurping is generally considered rude at many places but In Japan, it is good gesture to let the chef know that food is delicious. Slow Slurping is advised to keep chef feeling happy about their food.
12. Naps at Work – As Japanese are quite hard working and have to work long hours quite often. Thus in the majority of their offices, so inemuri is so common.
13. World’s Shortest Escalator – In the city of Kawasaki, there is More’s departmental store and here you can find the shortest escalator. This escalator has only 5 steps
14. Water-Saving Sinks – This is a recommendable thing which Japan had adopted. Having sinks above the wash basins, helps to save water. When they wash their hands, the water goes to the tank and finally when you flush it comes again so using it two times.
15. Canned food restaurant – Having canned food and that too in the restaurant doesn’t seem to be a good option. There is a whole chain of canned food restrau in Japan that serves more than 300 varieties of food and Japanese are loving it.
16. Digit 4 – Number 4 is considered an unlucky number in Japan that’s why they avoid this number in their day-to-day life. This is the reason some of the buildings don’t have 4th floor, people generally don’t invite 4 guests or shops don’t sell their items in set of 4.
17. Cleaning Classes in Schools – Japanese believe to raise responsible cities and they believe it too if children can learn in an early age. This is the reason they give cleaning lessons in schools and ask children to mop classrooms and hallways, do dusting, and clean bathrooms.
18. Robot Hotels – In hotels of Nagasaki, Robots are also added as hotel staff which is called Henn-na. Henn-na means strange. The daily routine work of these robots includes – meeting the guests, cleaning the rooms, carrying luggage on arrival & departure, to make tea- coffee. The good thing is they smile too. Though there is another staff as well whose main work is to keep these robots charged and supervise them to perform their day-to-day routine work.
19. Parking Lots – Japanese know smart work and that is why seeing their population, they have used their brain in developing stacked parking lots. These are like multi-level garages where cars can be parked one above the another.
20. Ice Cream Flavors – Horse meat, cactus, charcoal, squid ink, octopus, garlic, or chicken wings are not the food varieties to eat in Japan, These are some of the weird ice cream flavors. Yes, you heard right, Japanese love weird things and these are amongst the same.



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