Introduction to Kantha

Introduction to Kantha


Kantha is a word that’s derived from a Sanskrit language word “kontha” which suggests rags, that evolved from the providence of rural girls within the Bengali region of the Indian sub-continent.

Kantha could be a sort of embroidery craft within the Indian regions of the Asian country, significantly in Asian country and Kantha embroidery is additionally utilized in the state of the province, Tripura, and Odisha. In Odisha, previous saris area unit stacked on one another and hand-stitched to create skinny items of the cushion. this is often ordinarily used on top of a bed cushion or rather than a cushion. Kantha frock area unit is historically worn by girls within the Bengali region of the Asian country.

These days, embroidery is sewn, popularly called Kantha sewn, on a sari, kurta, and churidar, and plenty of different clothes with Kantha embroidery and area unit gaining quality thanks to the aesthetic worth and handstitched style.


Kantha adorned material has several uses. It is often used as a scarf, covers for mirrors, boxes, and pillows. In some cases, the whole material is roofed with stitches, using a gorgeous pattern of flowers, animals birds, and geometrical shapes, additionally as themes from everyday activities. The sewing on the material provides a rather wrinkled, wavy result to it.


How was Kantha originated?

Kantha was originated in Bengal wherever housemakers mended previous garments by withdrawal method a strand of thread from the colorful border of their saris and created straightforward however stunning styles with them. within the ancient times of Bengal’s history, Kantha embroidery was through with saris and soft dhotis, with a straight stitch on the sides. the ultimate product was divided into 2 classes, the area unit Lepkantha or SujniKantha.

Kantha, the ill-famed art of Indian Asian country was disappeared within the nineteenth century. this is often not the sole time it was disappeared once being revived by the daughter in law of an illustrious author, Rabindranath Tagore.

But in 1947 the revival was noncontinuous throughout the partition of Asian country and also the India-Pakistan conflict. however once the Asian country liberation war in 1971, Kantha experienced restoration in an exceedingly far more desired art and craft.

As with all ancient textiles, Kantha was influenced by external factors like material availability, daily desires, climate, geography, and economic factors. within the historical time, textile production was one of the foremost labor-intensive industries, and since of that textile material was extremely valued.
Kantha these days.

In fashionable usage, Kantha a lot of ordinarily refers specifically to the kind of sew used. The earliest and most basicKantha sew could be a simple, straight, running stitch, just like the sort used on our Kantha saree Scarves.

But these days Kantha is created in bulk for industrial use in each Asian country and Asian country.

If you travel in Bengal these days, you’ll still realize fashionable iterations of the standard patchwork Kantha quilts; airing within the sun on verandahs in the metropolis or ordered out over paddy fields within the villages to dry.

Kantha helped the ladies within the Bengal because the rural women currently realize themselves in demand for manufacturing Kantha.




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