Christmas – Festival Loved and Celebrated across the world

Christmas – Festival Loved and Celebrated across the world

Christmas- A Festival Loved By All, Understood By Few

Christmas, the Festival that arrives at the end of the year and lingers in our memories all over the year! For some Christmas Eve is all about Christmas Trees, Lights, Sweets, Decoration, Christmas carols, Santa Claus and so on! These things are facts while the truth is still never unveiled.

Historically, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th Day of December every year all around the world while there are some countries that celebrate this on 7th Day of January every year as per the Julian calendar. Countries are Moldova, Macedonia, Egypt, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Jerusalem and some more.If observed, all of the above countries have a vast history in paganism!

Well! Now what’s Paganism?

Paganism is all about nature’s worship where these set of people can worship anything and everything. Santa Claus is one of the replica of the old pagan god which was believed to fly in the mid sky during winter times when Christmas was adopted.

Christmas is believed to be the day when Jesus was born. Well nobody knows the true day or date neither the year in which he was born! These are myths which are followed. Some follow for fun and some because there is lack of knowledge.

The Truth of Christmas

The truth behind the Adoption of Christmas leads us to the Roman Empire where the first Catholic Church was established. A church made up of pieces that incorporated everything and anything as they liked and loved and created their whole being. Romans worshipped a God known a Mithra, Unconquerable God and as Catholics and Romans had interests in common both adopted things to make Christmas look more attractive. It was then, Pope Julius I chose December 25th as the day which was also the day of the Roman Pagan God Saturnalia.

In many countries Christmas is known to be the Feast Day of Christ, Feast of Nativity and Happy Solstice.

Solstice in the pagan times was the Goddess of the moon Known as Yule. Earlier Christmas was known as Solstice as time passed by Christmas was adopted by all.

Christmas Celebration Tradition

Later as years passed by things started adding up in the celebration and modern methods were applied to make it more attractive. Christmas was then adopted by the Russians and the Greek by the end of the eighth century! Till today the eastern and the western cultures celebrate Christmas for many days after the actual Christmas day! Some take it for Seven days and some for Thirteen to Fourteen days. Gifting is also considered as a tradition in Christmas season.

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