Furnitures made from Reclaimed Wood

Furnitures made from Reclaimed Wood

Some common type of wood that is used for making reclaimed wood furniture is old pine, beech, maple, oak, redwood, poplar, cedar, and walnut.

RECLAIMED FURNITURE Can be turned into –

There are many types of furniture that are made out of reclaimed wood. Before we move ahead – Know more about What is Reclaimed Furniture?

Now let’s take a look at the at some of the most common furniture available near your house as furniture stores-

 Coffee table or reclaimed wooden table – Tables made out of reclaimed wood looks like an antique and gives your table a rustic look and also improves the look of your living room.

 Wooden bench – benches made out of reclaimed wood can be used in your backyard or even in your living room as they don’t look like the regular park benches.

Doors – reclaimed wooden doors improve the look of your house and they also give your house that rustic feel that many people like.

 Wood dresser – a wooden dresser made out of reclaimed wood can be very attractive as well as helpful. It can improve the look of your living room.

Dining table – reclaimed wood dining table will change the vibe of your kitchen and you can also enjoy your food on an eco-friendly dining table.

 Dining chairs – if you are going to buy a reclaimed dining table you will also buy the chairs and reclaimed chairs are the best and budget-friendly choice. Reclaimed chairs add a beautiful seat in the kitchen to improve your kitchen’s beauty.

Frames – reclaimed wooden frames are great for home décor as they add a rustic look to the home making it more beautiful.

Shelves and bookshelves – reclaimed wood will help to make one of the best office shelves of bookshelves.

Reclaimed wooden bed – the bed is one of the most important features of a house and when guests arrive you can also show off if you have a good bed. The reclaimed wooden bed will add a beautiful look to your bedroom.


As we all know reclaimed wood is aged and weathered and being naturally aged and weathered, reclaimed wood has a very unique and vibrant texture that is almost impossible to duplicate on new wood. The natural process of weathering and aging leaves the wood with some ‘imperfections’ which do not harm the wood but make it beautiful, antique and it also adds a unique and authentic character to the wood.

So here is our list of some of the many natural features that can occur in reclaimed wooden furniture. 


Wood that is reclaimed typically has natural variations in shading, grain pattern, and other different patterns, which means that each reclaimed wood piece is one of a kind.


They occur naturally in all real wood furniture; they add character and they do not affect the performance and strength of the wood.


If some old nails were removed from the wood, those spots or pitting’s probably will show. These add reclaimed and aged look to the wood.



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