How to find Trending Topics on Social Media

How to find Trending Topics on Social Media

Top 7 Ways to search for Trends :

Are you looking for trending topics and keywords for your blog or social media – Here are the ways that will help you to find out keywords for your content to grow your business:

There are certain tools that can help you to identify trends and keywords. We have got 5 such tools for you :

  1. Twitter: this doesn’t need any introduction! Twitter is one of the popular tools where you can find a lot of trendy topics. Twitter also helped the user to bring it on the homepage so it has become easier for its audience to search for more keywords.
  2. Google Trends: Google Trends is the most easiest and popular. Google has become the most used and preferable tool not only for injecting a query but also to know the most recent trending stories based on your interests.
  3. Trendwatchers – This website allows you to follow the trends according to your categories or keywords. One of the unique features of this website is it also combines trend dat with ‘blog topic generator’.
  4. Trendhunter – This is the biggest in terms of providing trend data. Trendhunter is a media company that provides free trend data and also offers custom research, books, public speaking services, events, and much more.
  5. Quora – The primary goal of Quora is to share and gain knowledge by creating a huge database of questions and answers. For trending topics, you can browse through top stories feed and easily find popular topics.
  6. Buzzfeed – This is also one of the most popular and the specialty is you can find a whole wealth of entertainment and social news on this website.
  7. : This offers very easy-to-understand new topics across industries. It can breakdown the topics into further sub-categories :

A. Opportunities
B. Lessons
C. Solutions
D. Predictions
E. More



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