How to help yourself from COVID19

How to help yourself from COVID19

How to help yourself from COVID- 19

Here I am not going to dig int what covid19 is as we all now know about this virus which has taken control of our lives. There is a drastic change in situation compared to pre covid.

There are some guidelines provided by experts and doctors to be followed during this time and till the time we come out of this situation. Be Mindful that this is same situation for all of us, we all are sailing in same boat. Thus help each other and we will soon overcome it. Talknstory team is trying to share few tips to help you in this situation –

  1. Wash your Hands properly – It is advised to wash your hands properly and regularly.
  2. Don’t touch your nose or face – Don’t touch your face or mouth until and unless it is required. Use tissue instead and bin it as soon as you are done or used it.
  3. Keep Good hygiene – Keep yourself clean, take proper bath for better hygiene
  4. Use Sanitizers – When you go out for grocery, keep sanitizer with you. So you can sanitize if you are touching any door or place. Also sanitize the stuff when you back to your place
  5. Maintain Social Distancing – When you are out maintain social distancing. It will help you and others as well. Whether you are in queue or travelling, keep distancing
  6. Eat Healthy – Take proper and healthy diet. Include green and leafy vegetables, Vit C and D rich fruits/veggie to boost your immunity level. Avoid Junk and packed food.
  7. Keep yourself Motivated – There are multiple sources or ways to keep yourself motivated. Follow your inner voice, do what you like. If you like writing than start writing, listen good music, do yoga, meditation, cooking, sewing, crafting etc. There are thousands of activities which you can do to keep yourself motivated.
  8. Regular Exercise or Meditation – Meditation and exercise are considered as best ways to keep your healthy and motivated. Follow these and include in your routine.Exercise Regularly
  9. Clean and Disinfect places – Clean thoroughly your places and use disinfectants
  10. Cough Etiquette – Use tissue while coughing and your elbow in absence of tissue.
  11. Avoid contacting Sick People – Until it is an emergency or must, keep yourself away from sick people. Do not take kids or children with you if you visit any sick elderly people.
stay home stay safe

family wearing a mask to prevent virus in house 

About your mental Health

With physical state of mind, mental health matters a lot. It is equally important. With the sense or state of mind, person works or does his routine work. It is equally important to have a healthy and happy state of mind. Below are some aspects which may come to your way during this tough time –

Depression and Anxiety – This situation has also put mankind into depression where there is life threat, job lose threat, family loss threat and other problems. People are suffering from anxiety as they are not allowed to go outside like earlier. There are still boundations and places where no lockdown is there now still fear is there amongst people.

How to come up with Depression?

Depression is a state of mind where people incline towards more negative thoughts. They start believing that they are of no use, he/She has no role in community and start overthinking and building baseless thoughts. There are few theories or suggestions which can help to overcome the situation. Listed are few –

  1. Talk and Share – If there is something pinching you from inside and keeping your heart heavy than this is considered as one of the best remedy. Talk with people, call your family, talk to them, and share your feelings. It will help to release anxiety and put in a better mood.
  2. Call your old friends or Surround yourself with Happy people – It is a company that matters after all. The more you surround yourself with happy people the more you will see yourself happy and positive. The world is anyhow full of leg pullers; you definitely do not need more. Search more people who are original and true from inside out. Talk to them, express your emotions. There is no harm. Everyone come through this kind of situation. We are HUMAN, we feel and that’s why let your emotions flow out to make yourself feel lighter.
  3. Journal or Page Writing – This is proven concept. There is a minute difference between the two. Journal Writing is a concept where you can have a diary and you write your daily emotions, feelings, whatever has happened to you you write and keep it while page writing is to let your anger/anxiety flow out method. In page writing you just write on a page where you are tensed, tearful and tear that page after writing. This way all your negative thoughts come out and it makes you feel lighter and better. The thumb rule here is to tear it without reading again. Why? Because when you are full of emotions you just want to flow it , throw it and you write whatever is there inside your heart. At that time your mind is not conscious its not your feelings come out on piece of paper but when you read it again it’s the mind that reading it out so it is advise not to read, just tear it, flush it.

In the last our team is very thankful to all the frontline workers, Doctors, nurses who are trying so hard and best to keep us alive, motivated. THANK YOU with loads of love and blessings for you.

Thank you



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