How to Keep your Heart Healthy?

How to Keep your Heart Healthy?

Top 5 Healthy fruits to keep your heart Healthy

It is well known facts that green veggies and fresh fruits are the remedy to keep your heart healthy and can transform your left if taken in adequate amount. Adding these healthy fruits can help preventing worse condition because of current lifestyle. In current times, people are much busier in their day to day tasks, running after money so hardly get chance to take care of their health as previous old times. Below we have listed some of hero fruits which can help to keep your body and heart healthy –

Oranges – These are wonders for immune system, prevents cold & flu. These are much better than your snacks. It helps in lower your blood and prevent heart failure.

Garlic – Not only add taste to your recipes but also help in preventing heart related issues. It also help in combating arteries and maintain blood vessels. Add few cloves of garlic in every recipe and it will keep your heart healthy. IT also keeps blood pressure lower.

Red Wine – Yes, this is most loved drink but it also has health benefits which makes it even more favourite. It is rich in antioxidants and helps in maintain cholesterol. It should be consumed in moderate amount to get health benefit.

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Chocolate – This can be super for your health especially for your heart. This refers only to dark chocolate and raw cocoa. Both are rich in flavonoids. White chocolates are rich in sugar so try to avoid these. Flavonoids helps in lowering blood pressure and encourage heart function.

Lentils – These are not liked by everyone but believe me these are super rich in antioxidant and great source of nutrients. You can make multiple recipes from lentils. You can add veggies and make in soup form and there are hundreds of other recipes are available to try which suits your taste.

Almonds- Studies shows that adding these nuts to your diet can significantly improve your memory & brain and are super healthy. These also reduces chances of diabetes and heart problems.

Pomegranate – This is superfood which has highest health benefits. This prevents prostate cancer, strokes, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Eating Pomegranates also promotes healthy skin, teeth, joints, and liver.

Blueberries- These are so healthy that having 3 serving in week can help in prevent heart related disease. These are rich source of antioxidants and nutrients which prevents in cancer and heart disease.



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