How to start Dropshipping?

To begin with, dropshipping process let’s first understand

What is Dropshipping?

Dropship is a business model wherein products sold by online retailers are manufactured, stored, and sold by 3rd party company.
This has become a very popular model now as there is no stress to keeping inventory or taking care of it. You just have to list the products which you like and get a commission once it’s sold out.

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What are the benefits of Dropshipping?

As in dropship, you don’t have to keep the inventory or take stress on dispatching the goods, there are lots of other benefits associated as well :

Overhead costs – When you do drop ship, you don’t have to keep stock of products so there wont be stocking cost. You will just be paid once you sold out.

No to less start-up capital – Start up cost can be very less as you don’t have to keep the inventory or getting the product manufactured. The added savings can further be utilized on paid campaigns to promote and to get more sales.

Flexibility of location – As stock will be managed from 3rd party so you don’t have to take headache of working from specific location. You can work from anywhere from home, café or wherever you required.

Testing new products – As you don’t have tension to keep stock which means you can test lots of products. You can research and list those items which are high in demand.

The process of dropshipping is same for all. Its just the process, products, payment terms which differs. When looking for dropship options, it is important to check all these factory in order to sell well.
Don’t forget to check their shipping cost and service charges as well to give you more profit.

Top 5 Dropship Websites :

DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping



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