How to turn Negative thoughts into Positive

How to turn Negative thoughts into Positive

Live Life with Positive thoughts

The world is full of people who are ready to pull your legs when you are about to climb heights. Here by heights we mean success in your career, winning a jackpot, getting new job or anything good which is on the way to your life. It is very easy to put blame on other when you failed somewhere so it is very important to know the reason of your failure. When you failed on something many negative thoughts comes to your mind that actually creates a pressure on you. Also sometimes it’s a family pressure, peer group pressure or pressure from society which puts you on Negative. Thus, in this time one should be aware that how can negative thoughts be converted to positive. It will help in relaxing you and keep you motivated.
You can turn your negative thoughts into positive within a minute but you can definitely redirect them to divert your mind. Here we are going to dive you deeper to know about the topic-

A. From where do these negative thought comes from? When you have any anxiety or pressure from society than people start thinking a lot which is not required at all. Gradually a ball size problem seems to be like BIG ELEPHANT which actually is not. Thus here your patience level is required. Keel calm, take deep breathe, keep yourself hydrated and sit in a room and start thinking point by point. Think – From where the problem aroused? What are all sources associated with that problem? Who is easy to reach to help you in sorting that problem? Connect point by point and you will find the actual solution was in your problem itself.


B. What is Chimp and what is it’s role in our lives? Here chimp is not a really chimp but it’s a state of our conscious mind. We everyone have this since childhood or infact when we born. It told you to throw tantrum when you want something or to laugh or cry for milk. It stored in your emotional memories and helped you to belief different states of your life. This gives you strength to live life in a better way.
When something happens this is not as per your will than your chimp senses that something is going to happen. It pushes your anxiety button and makes you overthink.

C. What to do with your Negative thoughts – When you look to your past and childhood and overthink – Why you don’t like public speaking, why you don’t have friends or like making friends, why you are reserved or introvert? Why you don’t feel like happiness – you will start to see pointless and irrational. Here Meditation is the best medicine. Keep yourself calm and don’t overthink. Daily say 5 good words about yourself, Feel you are the best and you are a beautiful creation of god. You are definitely here on earth for a good cause.

D. Start Page Writing – Apart from meditation, Page writing is the best to release pressure and to bring negative thoughts out. Start writing and let your thoughts come out on a piece of paper. Soon you will realize you are feeling relaxed and more positive.

Page Writing

E. Lastly , Remain consistent – By consistent we mean in term of your thoughts and expression. If at any point of time, you feel nervous, or in pain, depression, press your vagus never. IT will help in releasing anxiety and to divert your mind start talking to someone who you think can provide you solution or can just listen you. Sometimes it just you want to say it all and it’s all done. You feel much more relaxed.

Follow above steps and make yourself happy and keep yourself surrounded by happy and positive people.

TIP – Give yourself time. You just need redirect the negative thoughts and let them go somewhere else if they don’t serve you.



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