Makar Sankranti – Festival of Harvest

Makar Sankranti – Festival of Harvest

When is Makar Sankranti?

Makar Sankranti is on 14th Jan, Thursday.

What does Sankranti means?

Sankranti is a very renowned feastivals celebrated in India and Nepal has been observed according to solar cycles. As per hindu calendar, this festival is dedicated to Deity Sun. On this day, It marks the first day of the sun’s transit into Makara rashi (Capricorn), marking the end of the month with the winter solstice and the start of longer days.

How this festival is celebrated?

On the day of Sankrant, people fly kites open in the sky. The sky becomes full of colorful and different shapes kites.They do colorful decorations. Children go house to house, sing traditional songs and ask for treats. In Early morning, Many devotees and elder people go sacred rivers and worship the sun and take bather there. On this night, people also do bonfire, feasts and various melas.

What are the traditional foods for Sankranti?

For this festival, people prepare different kind of food which are delicious and at the same time healthy as well. We have listed below few of the most popular –

  1. Til Ladoo – These are the most popular made from Seshame seeds and jiggery. These are small sized ladoo which are often given to neighbours and friends as a token of love.Both of these ingredients are important for this special day celebration.
  2. Puran Poli – This is a Maharastrian receipe. In this receipe, Flatbread is filled with sweet moon daal filling. This receipe is also prepared during Diwali and Chathurdashi.
  3. Khichdi – These receipe is also prepared from moongdaal and rice. It is also steamed with veggies and ghee is added to make it more tastier.
  4. Pinni – A receipe from Punjab. Made from Wheat flour, Jaggery, Ghee and almonds.This is widely popular and accepted to make during Lohri and Sankrant celebration.

Our Talknstory team wishes you HAPPY SANKRANTI & Kite Festival.



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