Must not to do things

Must not to do things

Each country has its own rules, culture & tradition which may or may not be different from the rest. It is always advisable to go through the checklist before you visit them. It will not only help you but also give you warm welcome from the local people of the country. Here in this article, we are listing down a few MUST NOT TO DO things from different countries which will help you during your next trip.

10 things you MUST NOT do in INDIA

India is a highly diversified cultural country, the most colorful country in the world. Also, Indian culture is vastly different from foreign countries. People from different religions and castes live in India. There are certain things that most of Indians don’t like and it is advisable not to do while visiting India to respect their culture.

  1. Using names for Elderly people
  2. Don’t enter temples wearing shoes
  3. Don’t shake hands
  4. Don’t wear Shorts or skimpy clothes –
  5. Hugs and Kisses in public
  6. Walk into someone’s house with shoes on
  7. Don’t use your left hand for eating
  8. Don’t use your left hand while giving
  9. Don’t drink or smoke in public places
  10. Don’t think of Beef

10 things you MUST NOT do in London

  1. Don’t stand on the left side of the Escalator
  2. Keep the gate open for the next one
  3. Always keep Thank you and Sorry ready on your lips
  4. Don’t take pictures of people
  5. Don’t make eye contact or tubes or trains
  6. Don’t spit on roads else get ready for fine
  7. Don’t get in the way of the Queen’s Guards
  8. Don’t ride tubes during rush hours
  9. Don’t stand in the middle sideways looking at a map
  10. Don’t talk loudly publically


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