Popularity of Vintage Kantha Furniture

Interior decoration is one of the growing sectors in the whole country. Various new ideas are now being introduced regarding the decoration of the interiors, one of which is the furniture decoration. Your house includes some major piece of furniture designs like the couches, recliners, bedsides, divans and so on. And it is the most delicate furniture pieces that need some added comfort in the form of covers and upholstered fabrics.

Usually, in most of the homes, you can find these covers and upholsteries made from velvet or sheer linen fabrics. Even though the quality and looks of such materials resemble aristocracy and optimum luxury, in the recent years, there has been a little shift from the regular fabric styles to a more exuberant and enticing style of furniture décor.

Kantha furniture decors might sound a little alien to your ears but if you take a look in the present Indian embroidery market, you can easily see that people who truly value the preciousness of the Indian arts are introducing the Kantha art in their homes.

Looking back into history, Kantha is originally from the Eastern zones of the country, as the states of West Bengal, Orissa, and so on. In these states, women living in villages used to gather worn-out clothes and see them together in the form of stacked layers. This not only imparted a wonderful volume to the Kantha fabric but also allowed them to perform some magical embroideries on the fabrics.

In the present time, both the condition and quality of the fabrics used to form the Kantha items have got better and better. This is why Kantha furniture decors are becoming more admirable and vibrant. But that’s not the main reason why you can see furniture pieces covered with multicolor, soft fabrics instead of having the aristocrat architecture. So, let’s see why exactly the vintage Kantha furniture designs are becoming more and more popular amongst the Indians after so many decades.

Kantha fabric covers are too soft to ignore 

As the quality of the layered fabrics has developed as compared to the age-old ones, Kantha overall has become too soft to handle. They are more comfortable when compared to leather or velvet upholsteries.

It becomes easier to introduce a classic statement to your interior décor 

Just at the center of your monotonous interior décor, you have an intrinsic piece of furniture clad in a vibrant floral Kantha fabric. Don’t you think that this is enough for ensuring that you have introduced a style statement to your home in the most wonderful way?

Kantha furniture covers are easily washable and manageable 

As the Kantha furniture covers act as extra cushions over the already built upholsteries or padded cushions, you can dislodge the cover anytime and send it for dry cleaning. It is easy to manage the hygiene and cleanliness of the Kantha fabrics as compared to other kinds of furniture decors.

Variety is perhaps the main reason to discard the sense of aristocracy for a while

One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of the Kantha furniture décor is the ample amount of variations that you can get from the embroidery works.




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