Some Kitchen Hacks for Food Storage

Some Kitchen Hacks for Food Storage

Top 20 Food Storage Hacks

We have heard from lot many people about getting their foods rotten before they get chance to use them. Here in this article, we have got some quick tips to store your food safely. You can now save hundreds of bucks to save your food. Read below and save your time and money.

1. Keep Potatoes white after cutting – Once cut, keep the spuds of potatoes in cold water and save these slices by turning into brownish. This happen because of starch release which them oxidize.
2. Slow down Tomato from rotting – Do not cut tomato stems while storing. This will keep them fresh for long as moisture wont get into the scar and it will keep these as it is for long.
3. Give long life to Bananas – Wrap the end of bunch in to plastic, this will keep them fresh for longer. Wrapping into plastic holds and blocks ethylene gas to go out and thus prevent ripening of bananas before time.
Advice – Its better to separate each banana before wrapping in plastic.
4. Ripening of fruits Quickly – Wrap the fruits in paper bag, this will help in quick ripening. When you wrap anything in paper, it helps ethylene gas to come out which helps in ripening of fruits quickly.
5. Check if Eggs are still Edible – Sometime you need more than by just checking with smelling an egg that if it’s still edible or not. Put the uncooked egg in bowl of cold water, If it sinks- it is still edible but if its floats – it means it has seen its better days ( not edible now). Over time, the liquid inside the egg evaporates leaving gas bubble inside.
6. Peel Garlic Hassel Free – Remove each clove from the bulb and whack off the side with knife. This will open all ends in one shot and easily peel off.
7. Peel Citrus Fruits – The only hassle in eating citrus fruits is to peel them. Its better to put fruit and microwave just for a minute and it will easily be peeled off.
8. Peel Potatoes without peeler – Boil potato for few minutes and put it straightforward to cold water. The skin of potatoes will easily be peeled off without peeler. Super Quick and Easy. Do you know – This method is known as Blanching.
9. Remove Eggshell Quickly– It is hard to remove egg shell once boiled. Isn’t it. Add vinegar or baking soda while boiling eggs. This will help them the skin to remove quickly.

10. Make citrus fruits even juicer – To get more juice out of citrus fruit is to refrigerate and then microwave for 15-20seconds.

Tip – You can even roll the fruits to get more juice out it.

11. Hold seeds from citrus fruits from falling down – Squeeze fruits from cotton cloth so all seeds will be hold in cloth only and prevent from falling down.
12. Peeling Pomegranate – It is quite tough to take the seeds out from pomegranate. Peel off the skin in circular manner so it can take out skin in one go and seeds can come out together easily.
13. Grating Cheese – It is better to refrigerate the cheese for few minutes before grating. It will make cheese hardens and will be easy to grate.
14. Onion tricks – You can store onions in fridge before chopping. This trick will work only if you are planning to cook later. Or you can also wear your swimming goggles, this will help.
15. Hard to open Jars – To open the stuck jar lid, wrap the lid with rubber and give it a another try. Or you can also try putting jar into hot water.
16. Don’t want flipping – If you really don’t want to flip your food again and again. Its better to preheat cooking sheet before placing food on it.
17. Give New Life to Leftovers – Don’t put leftovers in trash, rather these can be reused in making other delicious recipe. Like If have boiled white rice leftover, these can be fired in morning as breakfast.
18. Clean fruits and Veggies – Use small amount of baking soda to clean all pesticides from your fruits and Veggies while washing them.

19. Cleaning Wooden Spoons – If you want to give new life to your wooden Spoons, then boil them in hot water and put in sun for sometime.
20. Cleaning Wooden Cutting Boards – Scrub your wooden board with coarse salt and the rub with lemon slice.

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