Tips to motivate yourself in day-to-day life

Tips to motivate yourself in day-to-day life

If you are passionate to achieve your goals, then here we are presenting few tips to keep you motivated.

There are certain kinds of motivation like people who are motivate by attaining success and people are motivated by avoiding success. In first case, they know the path to get success and they attain accordingly which gives them positivity and in second case, they know and easily notice the things which can go wrong and create hassle for them. These kinds of people are good at spotting issues.

Another thing is to find out the way how to get motivated? To find out the source of happiness & motivation. Think about the factor that keeps you motivated. Find whether these are intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic Motivation – These kinds of people have control over their motivation. They know what makes them motivated and what know so they act accordingly. They are not very good at giving feedback rather they have their own world and are happy in it.

Extrinsic Motivation– These kinds of people want to get feedback from other. They want to know how they are doing and are happy/sad as per others opinion.


Here we are listing some tips to keep always motivated –

  1. Passion – You probably have heard – Do what you love, and you will never have to work another day. If you are into the thing which you like you will enjoy your work. You will find ways to improve your work and you will get success in it but if you are into something which you do not like, it will be burden for you. Always select the work which you like, and which interests you. In this way you will not only improve your work, but you will see improvement in yourself as well.
  2. Habits – Habits plays important role to keep you motivated. Create a routine which will help you to give a balanced life. Get up in morning, setting up your work routine, keeping your personal and professional life separate, giving time to family, eating and sleeping on time. These all comes under habit and discipline. If you are good at maintaining and keeping discipline then you will always be happy doing your work.
  3. Focus – Try to focus on your priority work. Prepare a to-do list and assign priority and work accordingly one by one. This way you will be able to finish else you may stuck if you pick all to go together. Don’t skip until you finish your in hand work. Take small breaks to keep you energies. In case of have long hour work then try to split into sub tasks and take one by one.
  4. Understanding Importance of work – This is very crucial to understand how important the work you’re doing and if there is any timeline associated with it. Set a time and work accordingly to finish on time. You can do this by setting up your list of objectives and mention what’s the reason of accomplishing these. After marking, starting taking these up so you can complete these.
  5. Meditation – Meditation is something you should follow and add in your routine to keep you motivated. Take minimum 10mins from your daily schedule and relax your mind, body and soul.


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