Tips to optimize Amazon Titles

Tips to optimize Amazon Titles

To bring your searches in top, you must meet following criteria for your product title on Amazon –

  • General characters: 80-250Char
  • Right rail ads: 30-33Char
  • Mobile: 55-63Char

Things to include in Amazon Title

Include Amazon Keywords

The first letter of each word should be in capital

Don’t use & (ampersand) or such special char in title until its part of your PC

Include Brand Name in your product title frame

Include measuring unit in complete form Like Inch, Ounce etc

Include part number and model numbers wherever applicable

All numbers should be used in numerals

Things not to include in Amazon Title

Within char limit, what you should you not do –

All Caps in your keywords

Special Character

Seller Information

Price and Quantity


Promotional Messages Like SALE etc

How to Optimize Amazon title with Keywords

Keywords are main component of your title but don’t do keyword stuffing. Keyword Stuffing means do not overload your title with too much of keywords. Products with clear keywords and detailing leads to high click through rate and better conversion.

Formula to Frame your title

Each product category has a specific product title formula. Depending on your category you can frame title according to bring more in searches.

Apart from basic keywords around your product description, you can also include –


Model number

Power output

Size, color, quantity (if there is more than one)

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