Top 10 things NOT to do in Japan

Top 10 things NOT to do in Japan

There is no surprise that every country has its own rules, traditions, habits, or culture and Japan also has few. Here in this article, we will take you through a few such habits which the Japanese follow and appreciate if you also follow while visiting the country.

Although few of these are very small things that can be overlooked, it is always recommended to respect the tradition or culture of the country you are visiting.

Removing Shoes – Many Asian countries follow this rule where shoes are not allowed while entering to their home but in Japan, shoes are not allowed at many other places like schools, and hotels. Lockers are being provided before entering hotels and indoor sleepers are to be provided. Even if you have booked a capsule hotel or ryokan then also you might be asked to remove your shoes at the entrance and would be given indoor sleepers.

Similarly, while visiting any Japanese home, remove your shoes and wear indoor sleepers.

Special Bathroom Sleepers – Now many of Asian countries are following but in lenient manners. In Japan, make sure you put on bathroom sleepers and don’t enter a dining or any other place wearing these bathroom sleepers. If mistakenly you do, try to apologize to nearby people. If you don’t do it, then you may end up with some shocked and disgusted faces.

Poking Chopsticks in Rice – This is considered bad luck and it symbolizes death so don’t even think of doing while in Japan. Though it seems convenient to put chopsticks upside down in rice to avoid these falling down but beware as this is most unacceptable in Japan.

 Talking loud in trains –Trains are public transport and people may travel with their family, friends, or relatives and have chit-chat during their journey. Few may be loud as well but Japanese people commute long distances for work and thus would like to take a nap, read a novel or maybe play games on their phone. Thus they would not prefer to have loud noises around them.

Priority Seats in public transport – there are few seats reserved in public transport for senior citizens, pregnant ladies, or people with disabilities. These seats are different in colors from others and specifically assigned to these people. Try to avoid these seats but in case you sit and you see any of these board the transport, you should provide a seat to them.

Phone Usage – Using a phone near on train or bus near to priority seats is acceptable until you text, or listening music using earphones, gaming, email, etc if the sound is not disturbing them. Talking on the phone even with Bluetooth is not allowed. In case you have any emergency, talk quietly near the gate and finish quickly to avoid disturbance for others.

Luggage on seats – As lots of Japanese people commute to work by public transport so you can expect lot of rush in trains and buses. In this case, you are not allowed to put in your bag or luggage or seat. It should be left blank so others can use it.

Blowing your nose – Blowing your nose is considered rude in Japan. Though in a few foreign countries, this is considered okay and people are using it a lot but not in Japan. The sound from blowing the nose is loud so is better to use the bathroom and clean the nose to avoid any complaints. In case of a runny nose, dabbing your nose with tissue is acceptable.

Back Door of Taxis – Many of us may not be aware of people visiting Japan may not be aware that the back doors of Japanese cars open automatically by drivers. You don’t have to open yourselves. In case you want to stop a taxi, just wave your hand and wait. The driver will open the back gate and you can enter.

Laundry and Cleaning at night – IN Japan, make sure you do chores like cleaning, vacuuming, or laundry to be done in the day time or during weekends. As most of the people, travel for work and so they need to have proper rest at night. Also, the walls between neighbor homes are so thin that noise can go to the next door so it’s better to do al these during weekends.

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