Top 10 Ways to make money online 2023

Over the past few years, the trend of working from home and earning money has increased a lot. People have understood the power of the internet and trick to earn money online. There is no surprise that in every second house you can find someone who is interested in making money.

Also, we ourselves have searched a lot many times about earning money online as because of current scenarios everyone thinks of passive income.

There are lots of ways to earn money apart from filling surveys or copy paste jobs.

Today, in this article, we will be covering top 10 ways for you to make a passive income.

  1. Start selling goods online – One of the best and easy way is to start selling product online. You can start with the non required items from your own house, buy products from market at wholesale price and sell online.

There are lot of marketplaces or website where you list your product and start earning. The more places you will list, the more visibility you will get. There are lot of websites which allows you to list products with their own niches and the charge small fees in return. Few of such websites are listed below :

  1. eBay
  2. Amazon
  3. Etsy
  4. Facebook Marketplace

2. Freelancing

– The requirement of freelancer has increased a lot over the past few years. You can start providing services like digital marketing, content writing, social media manager, data entry. Even in this you can get some foreign clients who agrees to pay fair amount. You can also set up time to deliver the work as per your convenience and work as per you time table. This is super flexible but the only thing is timely and quality delivery of project as requested by client in order to grow.

3. Dropshipping Business – This is for those who don’t have hard cash money in hand or want to keep risk at starting very low. This is again a best way to list others products, sell and get commission on them.

To start dropshipping, a bit of research is required to know which products are in trend and can sell faster so you can reach out to supplier to sell.

Learn MoreHow to start Dropshipping?

Also, you will require a platform to sell – either marketplace or your own website to list these items.

  1. Start Blogging – Big business uses blog to let their customer know aout their brand, promote product and to build image in market. Blogging has endless benefits. You can post articles on your blog website and put affiliated to earn money or you can also promote others products and earn commission from blog.

The only thing with blog is it takes time to build. Its not a overnight job that can pay you off. It requires great content to build your audience and also ways to attract more traffic.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – You will to apply for affiliate links on website who offers this program. Once approved they will provide you a affiliate link to use. Don’t forget to put disclaimer. Once you sell their product from these links, they will give you share from the sales ( depends on what’s been agreed).
  2. Create workshops or online classes – If you have mastery in any subject, this can be a good option for you. You can provide online classes. Also, you can list your course for sell and customers can buy online.

The appetite of digital courses has increased a lot these days. The only hurdle would be there are lots of free courses available so make sure the content or topic which you pick should be in trend. Websites like Udemy are totally based on courses and lot of people are uploading courses and earning from there.

The most favorable topic is the one that teaches someone to upgrade their skills so start looking to create something around this.

  1. Start a Youtube channel – Ever thought of becoming a youtuber? Yes, these days youtube is in trend and people are earning a lot either by posting skill enhancer content-based videos or something which entertains their audience.

For this, create a youtube channel, select your niche and start making videos. Selecting a niche will help to build a loyal audience and it will help your channel to grow faster.

Once you reach to 1000 subscriber, you should be eligible for monetization.

There are more ways to earn on youtube itself which includes advertising revenue, , ,paid product placement to big brands, sell products, put affiliates.

Youtube Shorts has become one of the top searches keyword on youtube itself. As from 2023 feb, thoise who will havbe 1,000 YouTube subscribers plus 10 million public YouTube Shorts views within 90 days will earn from youtube shorts.

What to know More about – Youtube shorts?

  1. Earn by becoming Influencer – It is now one of the most popular marketing channel for big brands to promote their brands or websites. In starting you don’t need to have millions of followers, you can start as nano influencer or micro influencers. By becoming influencer, you will need to engage your audience by delivering great content.

The two major and best platform for influencer is Youtube and Instagram. You can create content in multiple forms like – Video, reels, post.

You can make money in several ways by becoming influencer as listed below :

  • By posting sponsored posts
  • Online Workshops
  • Sell products in online store
  • Become an affiliate
  • Sell ads for brand or start ups
  • Become a brand ambassador
  • Write an e-book
  1. Do Translation – There are many companies which requires language translator. If you are expertise in one such language this is for you. The top 5 languages are :

English — Spanish

English — Chinese

English — French

English — German

English — Russian

If you are fluent in any of these foreign language then you this can be best bait for you. You will have to create a sample video before you start applying for jobs.

  1. Sell photos/ video online – This can be very interesting if you love to take picture. The world is very beautiful. If you have a good phone or camera you can easily go for this. In starting you can apply and start selling for free for brand awareness and the start making money.


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