Top 20 Kitchen Stapes to loose Belly Fat

If you are working towards to shapen your body but weigh scale has not budged yet, then add these food to your chart to hit your weight loose goals. It is difficult to loose weight from heavy processed food but can be easily with foods which is rich in fibre. Fibre foods are low in calories and keep you satiated for longer. These also help in lowering Blood Pressure and calories. You have to keep your diet balanced and add wholesome diet. Having all and high fibres diet wont be able to reduce your diet. With food, you will need proper exercise and routine to shape your body. Today we are listing some of food which are not only healthy but helps in reducing weight as well-

  1. Peanut Butter – One gram of peanunt butter has 8grams of protein and 4 grams of fibre per serving. If you have noticed ingredients then it just consist of peanuts and little salt or may be oil as well that’s it. No fructose. Which means this is made to keep you healthy and satiated.
  2. Chickpeas – These are loved by all age groups. These are rich in fibre and plant-based proteins. Chickpeas can be added to soup, vegetable, salad, soup and many other recipes. Not only this, but these as a flour can be also used in baking recipes as a filling end results.
  3. Green Peas – A cup of peas holds 8 grams of protein. These can be eaten raw or cooked. Peas increases tastes to multiple things like soups, khichri, vege, pakoda etc. These are rich in protein, magnesium, Potassium and Iron.
  4. Boiled Potatoes- These are rich in potassium and help in managing bloating and counterbalance sodium. These are high in fibre and can be nutrient dense food.
  5. Pumpkin Seeds – these are high source of zinc and are rich in fibre. These can be eaten in roasted form and by adding to your veges.
  6. Oats -Oats are considered as very healthy breakfast and It keep you satiated for long. Half cup of Oats contains 4grams of proteins. These feeds good bacteria to your body.
  7. Almonds – This nut is very good source of protein. Increase intake of Almonds decreases Cholesterol. Not only this, but regular eating of almonds also helps in reducing weight.
  8. Walnuts-These are monosaturated fats and are extremely healthy for heart and mind.
  9. Pistachios -These are considered as wonderful snack items.
  10. Blueberries- These are rich in fibre. These can be added to fruit salad, ice-creams and other desserts as well. These hold significant amount of antioxidant.
  11. Raspberries – Compared to other fruits, these have high amount of fibres .These can be added to your breakfast, cereals, yogurt and much more to increase the taste.
  12. Olive Oil – This is powerful oil and create a full feeling which helps you to overall slim down.
  13. Beans – Beans are staple of many vegetarian dishes. These are plant based protein and rich in minerals. These are also rich in significant amount of fibre. These also help your body to take lower amount of calories throughout the day.
  14. Lentils – These comes in different forms and highly rich in protein and fibre. Green Lentil, Yellow lentil, Black Lentil and others – all of these are equally important. These can be added to soup, salads and other recipes as well.
  15. Whole Grains – 100% whole grains are bloat busting stars. These are rich in fibre and keep you satiated for longer.
  16. Spinach – These are loaded with high level of potassium. These also helps in bloat inducing effect of sodium.
  17. Avocados -Eating avocados regularly decreases side fat of waist and BMI.
  18. Bananas-Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium. These can be added to salad and can be taken in puree form as well.
  19. Tea & Coffee – Both of these are helpful for digestive tract. Sugar mixed coffee can lead to weight gain to its better to take without it for benefits.
  20. Tomatoes – Having high H20 content, these helps you to keep you hydrated all the time. These can be taken in form of soup, salad or can be added to veges.


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