Top 50 interesting facts about Animals

Top 50 interesting facts about Animals

What do we really know about animals?

Who doesn’t like animals? Here in this content, we are featuring the top 50 interesting facts on animals that will surprise you.
We will also be covering the 50 interesting facts about Animals asked, fun, surprising, and funny animal facts from across the animal kingdom so tighten your seat belt and stay connected with us.

1. Loudest Animal – Prawn
Prawn is just 2 cm in size and produces a sound louder than a Concorde’s sonic boom.
2. Flamingos are NOT PINK
They are born brown in color but their diet conveys their color to Pink. Their diet includes brine shrimp and blue-green algae which has a component of natural pink dye called canthaxanthin. This is the reason their feather turns pink.
3. Otters hold hands with others while sleeping so they don’t get lost. Super Cute.
4. There is only one bird that can fly backward and that’s HUMMINGBIRD.
5. The venomous snake in the world is Inland Taipan – It can kill any human within 30mins if not treated on time.
6. Do you know which is the world’s deadliest animal – No, it’s not tiger, shark, bear or from the jungle kingdom. It’s a MOSQUITO.
Yes, you heard right, every year nearly 700k people died because from mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, and dengue.
7. Any idea about the shortest living animal – Its Mayfly. It lives only 24 hours.
8. The pangolins are able to roll up their body into an armour-plated ball in order to protect themselves from lions.
9. 22 hours of sleep – Yes, Koala is one animal that sleeps for nearly 22 hours in order to digest eucalyptus leaves. These leaves take more time and high energy to digest.
10. Cockroach can live without their head for weeks
11. Swifts spend 97% of their lives flying. They are capable to fly for an entire year without rest.
12. 14000 teeth are there in the garden snail
13. Cow poops around 15 times a day which is 115 pounds of manure and can be used as fertilizer, biogas, and for electricity production.
14. The longest-lived animal is the Tortoise which died at age of 188 years in May 1965
15. The fastest land animal on the planet is a cheetah and it can run with a speed of 75 mph
16. Baby Elephants suck their trunk to make themselves comfortable.
17. The Giant Pacific Octopus has 3 hearts, 9 brains, and blue blood. They can also change color – camouflage in nature.
18. In seahorses, males are responsible to give birth to babies. This is the only animal on the planet where male reproduces.
19. The loudest land animal is Howler Monkey which can produce sound to reach up to 5KM ( 3 miles).
20. The tallest land animal in the world is Giraffes.
21. The tallest bird in the world is Ostrich.
22. Ostrich’s legs are too powerful to kill a lion with just a kick.
23. More than half of the world’s pigs are kept in China. This covers nearly 440 millions pigs.
24. The pangolin is the most trafficked animal
25. The smell of skunk is powerful and humans can smell it up to 5KM. Their small can also cause skin irritation and temporary blindness.
26. Stonefish is the most venomous fish in the world.
27. 95% of cheetahs died before adulthood.
28. Rhinoceros‘s horns are made from Keratin protein.
29. The world’s largest predator is the sperm Whale.
30. Koalas’ fingerprints are almost identical to humans.
31. The longest-living vertebrate on earth is Greenland Shark which is 400 years old.
32. The most venomous marine animal in the world is Box Jellyfish.
33. Being social animals, sheep are capable of recognizing faces,
34. Rabbits only have fur in their paws.
35. The deepest fish in the ocean is the Mariana snailfish. It lives 8000m below the surface.
36. Electric eels are strong enough to knock out horses and they are even not eels.
37. The only fish which has lungs and gills – Lungfish.
38. The yellowhead jawfish incubates its eggs in its mouth to fertilize and hatch.
39. Vampire bats need blood every after 48 hours in order to survive and they also share blood with their friends.
40. Elephant mourn and silence on the death of their family or friends.
41. Cuckoo birds hide their eggs in nests of other species in order to save them.
42. In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped and it was illegal to kill them. It means cats were domesticated more than 9000 years ago.
43. The world’s biggest penguin is Emperor Penguins.
44. Chimpanzees are very intelligent and are capable to make a different kinds of tools.
45. Honeypot ants swell up to a huge size with food
46. The lesula, discovered in 2007, has giant human-like eyes and a blue bottom.
47. Bees have 5 eyes. 2 at the front like a fly, and 3 smaller eyes like a spider.
48. Giant vampire bats lived 100,000 years ago which is the longest time.
49. There are no ‘male’ Mourning geckos. Interesting to know.
50. Approximately there are 8.7 million species on earth and more than 80% of them are undiscovered.



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