What happens when you die?

What happens when you die?

There are certain theories that tell us what happens when you die and where the soul goes. In this article we will share you 7 different theories which claim where the soul goes and what happens to the body after death.

The never-ending life theory – As per this theory, you immediately get reborn as soon you die which means life death, and reborn are like infinity which keep on moving. Also, you don’t remember anything from your previous life.

The cosmic Theory – As per this theory our consciousness belongs to universe and as soon as you die its goes back there.

The Buddhist Theory – As per this this theory, There are different realms that you can reborn into after your death. It then decides what you will become in your new life – god, animal, ghost etc. It also believe in reincarnation after death.

The parallel Universe Theory – This theory is seen in a lot of movies, comic books . As per this once you die you will b in the same universe, just in different portions of space and time. Do you think,it could be real.

Plato’s theory – As per this theory physical world limits our knowledge so whenever you die, you will reach to a space that gives the soul a chance to find the reason of its existence.

The Egyptian Theory – As per Egyptian culture and this theory, they believe death is impermanent and for this mummification is important to preserve the body for its second life.

The paranormal theory – This theory we have seen in most of horror movies. This theory states the soul remains with us in the same world and there are certain mediums through which these souls can be contacted.



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