The date 16th Jan for the year 2023 is marked as BLUE MONDAY when we feel very low compared to other days of the year. We all understand that the holidays are over, Christmas and Bew year celebrations are already gone, and Payday is still far. On the other hand, everyone is back to work, we must have started working on the new year resolution and have already broken few so guild inside but this is not the reason for BLUE MONDAY.

There is something else.

Why BLUE MONDAY is the most depressing day of the year?

The formula of blue Monday was actually created by psychologist Cliff Arnall. In 2004, He identified that there are certain factors when all put together like causing sadness – winter cold weather, debt, monthly salary, time since Christmas celebration, time since failing our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels, and the feeling of needing to take action.

Putting all these situations together, he created a sadness formula which occurs on 3rd Monday in January month.

Later, this has become a marketing campaign for the companies to promote and designed in a , manner for people to book holidays to beat the blues.

Because it’s Blue Monday, it’s not necessarily you feel low, keep yourself engaged in your routine work, spends time with family and keeps yourself happy.

However, the idea of a specific day being the “most depressing” of the year has been widely discredited by experts in the field of mental health as there is no proven theory on this concept.

It is important to note that mental health is a complex with multifaceted issue and depression cannot be reduced to a single day.

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It is also important to take care of yourself all year round, taking into consideration of physical, emotional, and mental well-being.



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