What is Hair Porosity

What is Hair Porosity

Are you looking to dig more about Hair Porosity?

There are plenty of hair types and you must know from thin to curls and healthy to damages hair. One such important factor in terms of hair terminology is Hair Porosity. Yes each hair strand has certain level of porosity. Your hair care, products which you apply on hair defines porosity. All those products like shampoo, conditioner which you apply or your hair affects your hair porosity.

If you are amongst those who has no idea about what porosity is than we are here to help you. Read our article to know about Hair Porosity.

Hair Porosity in Men

What is Hair Porosity?

Every skin has some pores, likewise each hair strand has pores. Big pores and small pores. If you have high pores on your hair strands and are open than your hair shingles are lifted. If your hair has less porosity, shingles are laid with flat. Damaged hair has high porosity.

Hair porosity is basically power of hair to absorb moisture in hair strands. High Porosity Hair can absorb high rate of moisture but they don’t have capability to hold it. This is not good and moisture is required to keep your hair hydrated.

On another side when your hair has less porosity they cannt absorb moisture thus resulting is dry and frizzy hair.

How hair gets high porosity?

One of the main reasons defined for high porosity is chemicals and UV light. Coloring  hair frequently and applying chemicals can cause porosity and may damage your hair. Avoid bleaching more frequently. Try natural remedies to keep your hair healthy.

Test Hair porosity

There are certain ways to test porosity at home.

  1. Take a strand from your hair and drop in a glass of water. If hair sinks quickly, it means you have high porosity. If it floats on water than it means you have low porosity and if it sinks slowly it means your hair has good porosity.
  2. Spritz some water on your hair. If your hair absorbs water quickly it indicated your hair has high porosity. If water sits longer on your strand, it means you have low porosity.

Hair care for Porous Hair

  1. Use Hydrating shampoo
  2. Use Conditioning treatment
  3. Use Heat Protectant
  4. Use Lukewarm water for wash


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