Why Sleeping in Wet Hair is not Good?

Why Sleeping in Wet Hair is not Good?

Do you sleep with Wet Hair?

If you are in habit of late evening bath then you may have to change your habit. Here at talknstory we are going share some of the reasons which can harm your hair if you sleep with wet hair. We suggest you to dry your hair before you hit pillow. You can you hair dryer that help to get your hair dry quickly.

  1. Makes your hair tangle

Wet hair have high chance to tangle and knotty. It would be tough to detangle specially if you have curls in your hair. When your go to bed with wet hair and turn than this makes hair tangled.IN morning it will be difficult and time taking if you are office people.

Hair Tangle

  1. Creates Dandruff

Wet Scalp give rise to itchiness which it turns give growth to bacteria resulting in dandruff. Damp pillowcase with wet hair causes increase in bacterial growth. Quite a time it is very irritating and results in scalp infection and hair loss problems.


The problem of dry scalp on dark hair

  1. Hair Fall

Wet Hair give tangles and knots to hair causing hair fall while detangling. Thus it is advised to always to for dry before you go to bed for sleep. Dry hair will help you in sound sleep.


  1. Headache

Some of hair expert says when you go sleep with wet hair it lowers your body temperature and it causes headache. It also interrupts your sleep in between and scalp itchy. Hair packed with towels gives you pain and it is not good for hair health

  1. Hair will be thin and without volume

Wet hair can easily get friction with pillowcase and does not allow it to gain volume. Thus take 10-15 and blow dry your hair.

  1. Hair will become Frizzy

Going to bed with wet hair won’t make any serious health issue but it will make your hair frizzy. Why spending lot on hair care products when you can do so with Home remedies for Hair. It is always been advised to let your hair dry first before you to for a sleep.

  1. Skin Infection

While tossing and turning in sleep, quite a times your hair come over your face. When wet hair comes in combination of skin, it creates bacteria which results in itchiness and pimples.

  1. Split Ends

Today’s generation may problem related with hair is split ends. One of the main reason after split ends is wet hair. As wet hair is vulnerable to breakage, turning in sleep gives slip ends problem If you are amongst one such and your dresser asks for hair cut because of split ends then you should not sleep with wet hair.

Split Ends

Caucasian woman with long hair trying to make a haircut by himself with scissors being on quarantine during pandemic of covid-19. Isolated on grey background.

The most common question around Wet Hair –

 Can wet Hair makes you sick – In your lifetime, you may have come across time when your mother or grandmother have advised you not go out with wet hair or even don’t take bath after evening. The reason behind may be given as you may catch cold. Is this true or really just a myth? So, as per study, there is no relation with both. You wont fall sick when sleep with wet hair. So, Don’t worry.




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