What are Google Web Stories?

You must have heard about one of the most trending words – Web Stories. So, here we will tell you more about it. Let’s start: Google Web Stories are powered by AMP technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) and are owned by Google itself.

They are immersive, full-screen experiences you can host on your blog or any other website. These are very much similar to Instagram or Facebook stories.

Google Web Stories is a feature launched by Google in 2019, which gives the user the functionality to create visually engaging, short-form content for the web very much similar to Insta stories. The only difference in Instagram stories is for 24 hours only and google web stories stay forever until you delete them.

These stories are designed to be easily discoverable and shareable through Google Search and the Google Discover feed. They are similar to any other social media stories example: Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and Snapchat stories. These stories are designed in such a manner that it creates interest while reading, you just swipe and it keeps on moving.

Web Stories are created using a simple drag-and-drop interface and are mobile-friendly as well. They can include a lot of interesting elements such as text, images, videos, animations, and interactive elements, various kind of font types and styles, animations.

Users can also include calls to action such as buttons, forms, and links to other pages. Isn’t it interesting?

Google Web Stories are designed to be quick, interesting, and easy to create and share, making them a great option for bloggers, Creators, and businesses looking to create engaging content for their audiences and to attract new users to their platform. They can be used to share trends, news, information, tutorials, or to promote business products or services.

Google Web Stories are also very SEO friendly, as they are indexed by Google, they can improve your website’s visibility and help to attract more visitors. It may also help to get your pages indexed fast and google will prefer these more over other content. So, get ready and start making google web stories today.

Another Good News is Google Web Stories are also available to be monetized, as Google uses Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager to enable advertising in web stories. This means that creators can also monetize their content through ads and earn money from their stories.

What can be the different topics that can make for great web stories?

Though there are a lot of topics on which you can create web stories. It totally depends on your interest but here are Some popular options:

Travel and Adventure: Who doesn’t like to travel? Many may not be able to travel but would love to see or read travel stories and experiences.

Many people enjoy reading about the experiences of others as they travel to new places and try new things. This will help you to make sure to cover the dos and don’t from content.

Personal stories : Personal narratives can be powerful and relatable, and people are often drawn to stories that they can relate to. There are lot of content around relatable things, this can even be picked from day-to-day life. Users find such articles/stories very interesting.

Food and cooking: Food is a universal and most trending, evergreen topic that can be approached from many angles, from recipes and cooking tips to restaurant reviews and food-related travel stories. You can also be a food blogger, add lots of stories around the street foods and see how much traffic you can get just from these.

Health and wellness: Health and wellness is a topic that is of interest to many people, from physical fitness and nutrition to mental health and self-care. Seeing the current situation, many people are suffering from depression. They need someone who can actually relate to their situation. This is again most trendy and searched ice so here you go, start creating stories around this.

Technology and innovation: Technology is an ever-evolving field, and something new and interesting is always happening. Stories about technology or gadgets can be informative and engaging. This will not only cover the youth audience but also Children and old aged people. Lots of scope and never-ending content here.

Environmental issues: Sustainability and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Many people want to learn more about how they can help protect the environment and live more sustainably.

Personal finance: Everybody wants to have a secure future. Personal finance is a topic that affects everyone, and stories about budgeting, investing, and saving money can be helpful and informative. You can provide options of multiple investments and schemes, and people will be engaged and love seeing such content.

Entrepreneurship and business: Start making stories around business start-up ideas, Who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur? It is a common goal for many people, and stories about the successes and challenges of others can be inspiring and motivating for them. They would like to follow such stories.

DIY and home improvement: Many people enjoy learning about home improvement projects and DIY projects that they can do themselves. This topic was and is trend from covid and is going to be in trend for recession time. So start making stories with low budget for your audience.

Personal development and self-improvement: Personal development is a topic that resonates with many people, and stories about self-improvement can be inspiring and motivational. This helps them to be positive as those who work and those who wanted to work will love this content.

Parenting and family: Parenting is a topic that is relevant to many people, and stories about the joys and challenges of raising children can be relatable and helpful. Start making more relatable stories and see how much it will be loved ad accepted by people.

Ultimately, the key to a good web story is well-drafted and written, engaging, informative, and relatable content that is interesting to your audience. The best topic for your web stories will depend on your interest and the audience you want to add.



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