How to grow your YOUTUBE Channel 2023

How to grow your YOUTUBE Channel 2023

15 Pro tips to grow your youtube channel

Youtube is a great platform for those who want to build a brand, create awareness, raise money using different modes, or simply post content. It is often a great platform for creators to use their creativity and post content. Youtube is also considered 2nd largest search engine in the world.

  1. Create high-quality content: Before you go for creating high-quality content, select the niche in which you want to have your content. It will make your audience easier to understand you and your content. Selecting a niche depends on your interest and the trending topics. There are multiple ways to find out trending topics from where you can pick a niche and start creating. Once the niche is finalized, search for keywords, for this there are numerous keyword tools available which will give you an idea about the most used/ searched keyword trends.

Want to Know : How to Find Trending Topics?

             2. Repurpose the existing content: It is not necessarily that you have to always bring new content. In case you are not able to find new content, you can recreate your best-performing ones and post again. Social media is smart enough to show your content to new audiences and it will bring more traffic and follower to your channel and will build your audience if you become successful in engaging your audience.

PRO TIP : If you have long content available, the cut short it and use it for Instagram reels, youtube Shorts, Tiktok, and watch your growing audience.

    1. Engagement with your Audience: Creating content is not just enough on social media. The competition has increased a lot, you will always have to keep your audience engaged. This will help them to connect with you. Also, it will help to build community and to grow your YouTube channel.
    2. Improve your Branding – When you write content for your blog, website or for social media, make sure you follow your branding. It will help your audience to recall and remember you for long.
    3. Use social channels to promote your content – Social media is the best way to generate traffic for your content and these days there are a lot of opportunities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to use.
    4. Encourage your audience to subscribe – Reach your audience organically and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.
    5. Keep your content consistent – Try to be consistent, it will help us to grow and understand your channel. Example – Upload a minimum of 1-2 videos per week and at least for 6 months rather than upload 52 pieces of content in one week and no video for a long time.
    6. Verify your account – Another way to promote your channel is to get your google account verified. Lengthier videos are key to growing your channel as they increase your watch time and keep your audience engaged.
    7. Create your content title catchy and engaging – It is important to keep your title catchy to attract more audience and increase CTR. Keep your title limit less than 70Char and place 1-2 keywords in between.
    8. Increase chances of getting Youtube recommendations – Youtube sometimes also recommends your content based on your content and the engagement of your audience. There are different chances of getting your videos recommended by youtube in multiple ways – This includes increasing your views and engagement with your audience, encouraging viewers to stick around to increase your watch time, as well as building your brand and image on the platform.
    9. Determine your target requirement – Know your audience well, it will keep your audience engaged. There are some other ways to determine your target audience :

A. Create Polls
B. Ask your viewers what they are looking in your content
C. Establish content to attract your new audience
D. Identify the trends
E. Check what all your competitors are doing

12. Giveaway – A great way to increase brand awareness is to create a giveaway competition. Request your viewers to subscribe to your channel as well to increase the chance of winning a prize. The giveaway could be something related to your brand, an item from a sponsor, or something entirely different.

13. Create a series of content – Think of a topic that has an indepth opportunity to create a lot of content around.

A. Plan out content to create a series and get the playlist ready
B. Add links to the playlist
C. Collaborate with other creators during the series

  1. Embed your YouTube videos – If you have a blog or owing a website, then youtube is the best place to embed them :

A. Using a computer, select the playlist or video you wish to embed.
B. The next step is to click
C. Click embed from share options
D. When you do this you will get html code and this you need to copy and paste.

15. Invest in Ad campaigns – The perfect way to increase your user reach is to invest in ad campaigns. this is a great way of captivating your audience and expanding your digital reach by displaying ads to your audience at multiple places.



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