What are smart Life Hacks?

What are smart Life Hacks?

Some shortcuts to make your life easier

Life is full of fund and quite a time we found so many strange things which we are also not sure about. Small tricks and tips can help us to save time and money. We just need to now these smart tips for better use of available resources. We at talknstory have tried to bring some tricks which can make your life easier and quick.

1. When you have similar charger with most of people where you are working or going somewhere – In this case you can put a washi tape or stickers to make it standout


2. Finding difficulty in grating small things – Use fork, it will help to hold it and you can now grate very easily and quickly without hurting yourself.

3. Uncomfortable with Jeans Zip – Use keyring to pull the zip and put in jeans button to avoid embarrassing situation


4. Cook Quickly – You can freeze cut vegetables once in a week and you everyday.

Frozen Food

5. Having problem with leftover toothpaste : Use food clips for it

6. Want to keep your wooden chopboard work for longer – Use oil and apply for at least once or twice in a month, it will last longer



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