What to post on Instagram?

What to post on Instagram?

Instagram has become so popular in recent times that every small or big business wants to promote its business on it. Not only, but services are also gaining popularity from this channel. But here the story is always the same – Owners sign up and create their account, create few posts for some time, and then disappear for a long. There may be two cases – Either they are not sure what to post or don’t know the importance of regular posting.

If you are also struggling with the same thing, then you are NOT ALONE.

Generating a stream of posts may not be possible to do every day but doing 1.5 times per day is sufficient to please the Instagram algorithm. This is so far suggested by marketing team, this will keep your audience engaged and will keep feed fresh all the time. In this post we are going to suggest you what to post on Instagram and how frequently and what things needs to be taken care while posting.

Instagram post Ideas

Instagram offers platform to offer lot of different ideas to nurture your relationship with audience and build a connection with them. Because of this it is required to offer different kind of engaging post to keep your audience engaged at different levels. Like –

  • Behind the scenes post can help to get your customer for repeat purchase and this increases number of loyal customers
  • Product tags can help to get more purchases and reviews on your product
  • Inspirational and Motivational Quotes can help to keep your audience engaging and to increase your followers

So, keep in mind that each of post you do contribute to your sales, followers or bringing comment.

  1. Product Post – The best of way is to post easy and quick phots and videos with high resolution. While photographing make sure your products does not look like ads. Yes they should be more in aspirational way. You can also use hashtags while posting to bring them more in searches.
  2. Convert Customers with Product Tags – Instagram tags for products are unique for post and stories which triggers direct purchases from Insta. User can click on products tags which will give them the idea about product prices and details and on clicking it further, it will take them to purchase page. Products tags makes tasks much easier where they can see all details and make purchase as well.
  3. Fun Instagram Reel for Fun– Videos speaks more than still photos so definitely these can help more. You can use videos telling your brand, products details and Q&As, Brand telling Stories and to connect with your audiences as well. Videos have become more effective after adding feature of Instagram Reels. You can add many features like Audio, effects and other attention-grabbing elements.
  4. Behind the scenes – Followers loves and always wanted to know behind the scenes. It creates transparency and make awareness about your work, Products and Brand. The other benefit is you don’t have to put filters or do editing, you can use them raw. This is the reason many of big brands keep they’re behind the scenes in their stories to keep it more engaging.
  5. Reposting user generated content – This is something your follower would love to see. It shows that you are engaging to your community and it will give you benefit as well. Search for hashtags and ask their permission to share relevant posts on your profile.
  6. Letting your audience know about your employees – Content is key and its even more better if you show your employees with little sneak peak. This will establish more connection with your audience and also trust factory with emotional touch. Your audience and followers also wants to see how do you make your products, if handmade then they would love to see artisans. How they works etc. This would be interesting too.
  7. Announce New Products time to Time – A very simple but effective concept about announcing new products time to time which will keep your audience engaging. You can also ask them to follow you.
  8. Share your milestone – This is also very interesting about sharing your personal or business milestone like achieving 1000 orders and so on. This is help in building trust within your followers and new audience as well which you are targeting.
  9. Run Contest or Giveaway – Who does not want to win specially when its free of cost. Currently giveaways are running very well and it help in keeping your audience engaged. Contests will get audience talking about your brand and it helps in spreading awareness, and they can often yield strong social proof or user-generated content, if not both at once.

For fast results, offer a prize or gift hamper that’s most relevant to your target audience, even if the general population wouldn’t be that interested. After all, anyone would comment for a free goodies, but it’s more important to get engagement and entries from users who could actually become customers.

  1. Posting seasonal Posts – Don’t forget to capture some nice photos or moments for season or occasional. Whether its Valentine or Christmas , roll out some photos to post on Instagram.

Customers love to get into the holiday spirit. You can have post for major and smaller holidays as well to keep your post engaging like Thanksgiving, or an unofficial one, like National Dog Day.

Take advantage of this by creating seasonal posts that are timely and immediately relevant. Posts about summer vacations, Christmas, valentine work in addition to the obvious holidays, too.

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