6 Fruits to make you beautiful

6 Fruits to make you beautiful

Eating fruits is a very good way to keep yourself healthy. Fruits also help in maintaining your body’s beauty & soft skin and because of that, you don’t have to waste your money on a beauty product. Most fruits help in the guarding of body cells from cell damage. So, Here’s a list of some fruits which can help you look more gorgeous.


Raspberries come in the category of the fruits which are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin c. These components help you in feeling refreshed and they also help your skin by giving a good texture to your skin and raspberry also helps slow down the aging process. Raspberries contain vitamin C which helps in the rejuvenation of our skin. This makes your skin healthy and makes you feel fresh.


As we all know apple has many health benefits but apart from the health benefits, apples are also known for making your skin fresh and healthy. Aside from that apple have several other skin benefits as well. Not just eating an apple can make you beautiful but an apple face pack, apple face pack helps in moisturizing the skin and it also improves the general face texture. Apart from normal apples, Green apples also help in increasing overall beauty. Green apples are effective in the treatment of acne. Apples also have vitamins A and C which helps in making your skin look lustrous.

As we all know grapes have great flavor but do you know grapes are rich in flavonoids which are very good for your skin as well as health. Grapes are also very rich with anti-oxidants and other than that they are also rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from the fruit itself its juice also helps in the prevention of pimples, and the juice is also effective in fading acne scars from the skin.
Grapes also contain some hydroxyl acids that help in the smoothness of the skin and make it wrinkle-free.

Papaya helps your body’s mechanism to function smoothly because Papaya has much good content in it like fiber, vitamin C and lots of calcium, papaya is also very helpful in the detoxification of our blood and it is also rich in antioxidants, which certainly makes it a perfect combination for glowing skin.


There are many citrus fruits and like the other citrus fruits, oranges are rich in vitamin C and are also very good for collagen construction of our skin. Apart from all this, orange peels and its juice are used in many anti-aging creams because it helps make the skin tight. Vitamin B1 helps us boost our body’s immunity and oranges are also rich in vitamin B1 which makes orange a good package for the skin.

Mangoes provide various skin benefits to us. Being rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, mangoes helps in making the skin even-toned and soft as well. Mangoes are also helpful in restoring our skin elasticity, and it also unclogs the skin pores.



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