Risks and types of Health and Wellness

Risks and types of Health and Wellness

Health is usually defined as one’s overall mental and physical state during the span of his life. That is the absence of diseases from one’s body.
This isn’t the absolutely same thing as wellness because wellness refers to one’s state of being in optimal physical and mental health. But wellness is not just it, wellness is more than that. It is about living a life full of personal responsibility and therefore taking more proactive steps can change one’s overall well-being.

Life also contains some risk factors related to wellness and health.
This means that an individual’s life very well contains some risk factors that can harm individual health. Risk factors are of many different types. Risk factors are different types of actions or some conditions that can increase one’s chances of illness and injury or even harm.

Let’s dive into the world of risk factors and take a look at some.

Smoking is common nowadays. People know the negative effects of smoking but they ignore the negative effects and keep smoking. Smoking is also a risk factor as it is responsible for the development of lung cancer and many other terrible problems other than diseases as it is addictive.

Let’s see something physical now, What about mountain climbing? Mountain climbing is a risk factor too. It is considered a risk factor because it can lead to many physical injuries such as bruises, scratches, or even broken bones. It can also lead to internal injuries such as the swollen brain, internal bleeding, blood clotting, and much more.

Alcohol is also considered a risk factor because it causes several problems in our bodies. It also damages our liver and alcohol also damage the senses of an individual.
One of the most important things in our life is our diet. Not being on a good and healthy diet can lead to many diseases like heart disease, liver damage, and much more.

Types of wellness 

As we know there are many types of risk factors, but do you know there are also different types of wellness.

Let’s take a look at the different types of wellness.

  • Emotional wellness – one can be emotionally well by noticing their own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, whether negative or positive.·Environmental wellness analyzing how one’s decisions and actions impact the environment.

    · Financial wellness – this includes the relationship with money and finding effective ways to manage the relationship with money.

    · Intellectual wellness – this type of wellness includes participating in lifelong learning and challenging the brain or mind on an ongoing basis such as taking part in mental and creative activities like reasoning objectively and critically.

    · Occupational wellness – obtaining personal fulfillment from work you do and performing with honesty, enthusiasm, and engagement on a regular basis.

    · Physical wellness – physical wellness is acknowledging the need for incorporation with nourishing meals and not doing anything that can physically harm an individual.

    · Social wellness – social wellness is one’s interaction with appropriate people in the living world.



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