Definition of Perfect Child

Definition of Perfect Child

How do you rate your kid?

Vert Strange but true, the era where live everyone is in rush. Everyone is in race and wants to be first. And why not we want ourselves to be highly dignified. This is the reason where every parent wants their child to stand at postion 1. Whether its a school exam or race just for fun – We want our child to be at 1 and that’s we start comparing with other kids.

Do we really need this? Do we really want to stake our child happiness over the dignity. Every child is different and god has blessed each kid in different manner. Who are we to go beyond his wish? Ever wondered how a kid feel when he has pressure from all sides – parent, relatives, society , school. I just have one question from those parent who think so – The child does not come 1st in class, dont they have future or the millionaire are 1st rank holder?

And if you as parent put pressure on your child than why you people did not bother to get rank 1st , I mean why this showoff and for whom. Just to show society? No Dear parents, dont do this to your kid- every child is different and unique. Some have music capabilities, some with athletic and other many be teaching or so on. You cannt just decide on your own. Give them some space to decide what actually they want to do rather than you force and later regret.

the only thing which a parent should control is Discipline. This is must thing to teach your child and make sure that your child is at par for this. Discipline to respect people, Discipline to love and trust and discipline to hold relations. If  your kid learnt this than believe me you are the richest parent. Everything will come in his/her way. It’s just a matter of time and luck.

Perfect child is not the one who earns a lot or who lives abroad. Perfect Child is one who respect everyone, who is honest and who loves how to care.



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