Get votes for Online Contests

Creative ways to get more votes for your contest

Here we are going to share ideas about how you are going to get more votes for contest without breaking any rules. If you have taken part in any content like photo contest, video contest or any other contest and after submitting entries if you think you are done than NO. Still not, In this digital world, people are now buying votes not just to win the contest but to mark their victory and make their brand presence.

The content requirement can be different to determine their winner. Few contests use a voting system to narrow down the pack and pick finalists to be judged. Other may pick up different way, with judges picking finalists and a vote determining the winner. This mean you need a strategy to win any of contest. Simply asking your friends, family or relatives may not be sufficient to make you win.

Things to be taken Care while getting votes –

Do not ask for votes to be lifted in one go else it will look suspicious and you may get unqualified from contest.

Don’t go for cheaper vote agencies. They may be using red hat or bot activities and you may be get disqualify.

  1. Ask your family/friends to be your ambassadors – Your family and friends may not be enough for you to make you win but ask them to ask their friends to do so and the chain goes on.
  2. Contact and make friends of other contestants– Try to find out more people and participants of same contest to help you out for providing the same.
  3. Use Social platform to help you in getting votes – Twitter is considered as one of the best platforms which connect you to thousands of audience. Develop network and ask for votes and people will do so. Don’t just go commercial else it won’t help.
  4. Get votes from facebook groups– there are certain facebook created to provide votes or to exchange votes on the same. Join those groups and request for the same.
  5. Use Forums for votes exchange – There are many forums which gives you opportunity to exchange votes. Some offers free of cost and some charges for the same. There is no surety that how many votes you will be getting. It is considered as slow mode of getting votes. If you are giving votes than leave comment by confirming so people can also do so for you once left.
  6. Use email signature for votes – this depends on how many email you do generally a day. This may not add massive count but definitely add count.
  7. Try Giveaways – Some people do giveaways and this will motivate audience to vote instantly in order to get something in return.
  8. Use Reddit to provide you votes – Reddit is a community with thousands of active users but you have to use it respectfully else it may banned you.
  9. Get some flyers and leaflets – Create some interactive flyers showing your contest information. This will people to understand the requirement and they will love to put vote for you.
  10. Try your workspace – This can be huge hit, you can take permission from your HR and can print out some flyers to put in your breakout area and people would love to votes to make you win.
  11. Recruit Media – If you are participant of big contest or project and looking for massive votes than this can be great hit for you. This will cost you in starting and also can definitely give you result as required with massive targeted audience.
  12. Turn Youtube to get more Votes – Youtube is considered as one of the most powerful platform to get mass traffic and it can bring you bulk votes as well. These would be 100% genuine and can help to win. You can also try for viral video in case you are creative and ask for annotations.

Viral video can help you to get thousands of votes and it can definitely help you to win if it reaches to audience perfectly.




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