Top 10 Popular things in Japan

Top 10 Popular things in Japan

Japan is popular for lots of things. It just depends on the people to whom you ask these questions. This east Asia country has everything that one even not ever think of – which is mount fuji to millions of vending machines. Here we are listings a few for you :

We have tried to cover each area from food to places and from robot restrau to calligraphy. Comment us and share which one is your favorite or have you experienced any of these :

  1. Mount Fuji – Mount Fuji is a very popular volcano in Japan and people around the world visit this. This is also popular by its cone shape. Half of these covers will snow for almost 5 months in a year. It is one of three holy mountains of Japan and is also considered as a symbol. This is the reason it is seen in most of the wallpaper or photographs. Mount Fuji is also recognized by World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This is surrounded by lovely nature and lakes which makes it even more wonderful. If you ever get a chance to visit Japan, then this is must visit.

  1. Tokyo Skytree – This is the tallest tower in the whole world. This sky tree tower has a capacity of 3000 people. If you’re in the city then this is something not to be missed. This tower offers a panoramic view of Tokyo.
  2. Tea Ceremony – In Japanese culture, the tea ceremony plays a very important role. It’s not just about serving tea but it’s about placing of utensils as well. This ceremony is also known as the Way of Tea. This includes the presentation of green powdered tea and ceremonial presentations. This ceremony is widely associated with Kyoto but can be seen in other parts as well. These tea houses are known as chashitsu and built by monks as a gathering place. These places have sliding wooden doors, tatami mat floors, and shōji windows.
  3. Geisha – Geisha plays a very important part in Japanese tradition and culture. This is something that Japan is quite popular and in this women show different forms of showing art and dance. Geisha houses and known as okiya where these women get training and live during their training period.

To perform Geisha, performers traditionally wear Kimonos and Oshiroi makeup.

  1. Calligraphy – Japanese Calligraphy is another thing that is not only popular in Japan but also in other countries. It is also known as shodo.

There are two types of symbols in Callibraphy – Kana, and Kanji. Kanji is quite complex and in this each word has a specific meaning. There are lots of courses that teach calligraphy all around the world but if you want to see from its origin then you now know where to head up.

  1. Origami – This is another art that is also popular worldwide and it originated in Japan. This is a form of folding papers and turning them into different forms and shapes like animals, flowers etc. This is now just not limited to papers but also to jewelry, metals, wooden toys, and much more. Learning this form allows you to transform a single piece of paper into a beautiful sculpture and there are endless possibilities.
  2. Buddhist Temples & Shrines – Japan is quite popular for its temples and Shrines. In this country, there are lots of Buddhist temples and these are such an integral part of Japanese tradition and culture.
  3. Sushi – Sushi is food that is now insanely popular worldwide. If you love Japanese cuisine then you can’t leave the country without tasting sushi food. The good news is that Japan as a lot of Sushi Restaurants so searching for a good one won’t be a big deal.
  4. Vending machines – Japan is famous for its vending machines. There are more than 5 million vending machines in the country. The thing that shocked the world is the vending machines are just not for chips, tea or coffee but here you can get everything from coffee to underwear. These vending machines are not limited here, you can even see pet vending machines where pets are kept in boxes and can be easily purchased by entering coins in the machine. You can now imagine what kind of and what all these vending machines can hold.
  5. Capsule Hotels – Capsule hotels are insanely popular in Japan. People from all around the world visit and love to stay in these capsule hotels to experience. The room is the size of a single bed and is accompanied by Tv, AC, and power sockets. Showers, toilets, and dining are in sharing and other belongings can be kept in provided lockers.

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This will help you in your next trip to Japan. Don’t forget to share your experience in our comment box. Happy Journey!



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